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Tips & Tricks – Scout Print Centre

Tips and Tricks for you from the Corporate Communications team, many thanks to Chris James for putting this together.


What is the Scout Print Centre?

The Scout Print Centre is an online service available to all staff and adult members of the movement. It allows you to create branded communications without the need to own fonts, specialist software and without design expertise. Materials can be saved as a PDF or printed using our print partner N2 Visual Communications Ltd.

Is there any cost?

There is no cost to create a PDF, but if you place a print order, there will be a charge advised on screen. Please check with your manager before ordering any paid-for item.

How do I access it?

Log in at using your normal username and password. Then click on the green ‘Print Centre’ button on the bottom left hand side of your screen. You can also access it from the My Tools menu on after you have logged in.

How does it work?

You select a template then adapt and personalise it with your own personal details. You have your own account and the items that you create and kept in your shopping basket after you have created and saved them.

What can I create?

You can create your own branded flyers, posters, banners, car stickers, stationery, documents, balloons, certificates, folders thank you cards, event invitations and much more.

How do I get started?

Click on the category your require in ‘Materials’, such as ‘Posters and Flyers’. Then select your template such as Custom Poster or Flyer. This particular product allows you to insert your own headline, text and you can choose from a wide variety of images. You can save a draft at anytime by clicking ‘Save Draft’ when you will be invited to name the product. It will be saved in your shopping basket and you can edit it from there by clicking ‘Edit.’

After you have created your poster, follow the on screen prompts, and click ‘Next Step.’ You can now choose a size and order quantity. If you are only creating a PDF, then select 1 as the quantity, then click ‘Add to Shopping Basket.’ From here you can either proceed to check out to collect your item, or continue shopping. You can create the PDF at any time using PDF preview and saving this to your PC.

If you have ordered an image (such as a Video Slide or a personalised logo) click on the Orders tab and you will see this in the list. Press F5 to refresh the page and then click on the file name to down load to your computer.

Don’t lose your work!

Please note that the Scout Print Centre will ‘time out’ after half an hour, so ensure all items are regularly saved.

What other branded materials are available?

A wide variety of Word templates, branded materials and artwork is available at Click on the Tools and Resources tab then Download area to see a list.

How do we promote this to members?

We send regular updates in ScoutingPlus and in Scouting magazine. There are currently around 23,000 regular users.

What things are particularly useful?

The multi-page document template on the Print Centre allows you to create a branded brochure, with your own personalised cover

The Video Slides allow you to create your own text in the Serif font, without the need to have it installed on your computer
The Billboard facility allows you to create your own ad for Scouting!

The branded Word templates are available at

Scout logos are available at

Section branding and guidelines are available at

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