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Managing a Joining List

The Scouts have become so popular that there are now 60,000 young people waiting to join. We must be focused on offering a place at the earliest opportunity, once a young person has reached the correct age.

It is a good idea to review your records at the start of each term so that you have an accurate picture of future vacancies, and of times when you are likely to be oversubscribed. It is important to keep your District informed so that they can offer the appropriate support.  OSM is a really smart way of doing this and a ‘Waiting List’ on OSM is free of charge.

What is the difference between a Register of Interest and a Want to Join list?

A ‘register of interest’ includes anyone under 5 ¾ years old, the core age range who wants to join the section when they are old enough and a ‘joining list’ includes anyone who has already reached the core age of their section and is waiting for a place to become available.

Many parents believe that because they are on a list they will they get a place when their child is old enough but the reality in some areas is that they won’t. (It’s a very good reason not to call it a ‘Waiting List’.) All parents should be encouraged to volunteer with the group as More Adults = More places for Young People. If you don’t have enough young people, the Growth and Development Team can help by doing school assemblies during the day. Complete a [Project Form] and get us involved – we can also recruit the adults we will need with a new intake of young people.  For more information contact:

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