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HSX Antartica Challenge Badge

HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of the HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge this week. We have teamed up with Hampshire Scouts to bring young people closer to the expedition through a programme of adventures and challenges. Through the Badge, you will help us fulfil our mission of inspiring others to get outside, get active and find their ‘Everest’.

The Challenges

Over the past few months we’ve been working with local groups and members of the County Management team to come up with suitable challenges for all groups, from beavers to cubs, scouts and explorers. There is something for everyone. We have also worked hard to incorporate other badges into our challenges, meaning completing some of our challenges will count towards badges like My Adventure Badge for Beavers, World Challenge Award for Scouts & International part of Queen Scout Award.

You must complete four challenges from the below list, plus the compulsory challenge to earn your HSX Antarctica Challenge Badge. 

*Take part in a new activity or sport that you’ve never done before
Scouting is all about trying new things and learning new skills and is something the whole team are passionate about. This challenge counts towards the Teamwork Challenge Badge for Scouts.

Hold a Polar themed dress up
Ever wondered what clothes you would wear to the South Pole? This is your chance to find out and see who has the best imagination to come up with an outfit. Make sure you tweet the team @hsxantarctica and use #HSX2018 so we can see how great your dress up looks.

Learn about other explorers & expeditions (Scott, Amundsen, Fiennes & Saunders)
It is vital for any budding explorer or adventurer to know about people that have come before them, their high, low points and learning outcomes. What can you find out about the above explorers? Do any of them hold World records?

*Learn about five different types of animals that live in/near Antarctica (Where they live, what they eat, are their environments changing?)
Similar to knowing about different explorers, it’s important you understand what wildlife you could come across on your expedition? The environment you will face and the weather. What can you find out about the animals in Antarctica? Are there any? This challenge counts towards the My Outdoor Challenge for Beavers & the World Challenge Award for Scouts.

*Make an igloo big enough for you and a friend
How creative can you get? Send your igloo photos to @hsxantarctica using #HSX2018, there may be a prize for the best. This challenge counts towards the My Adventure Challenge Beavers & Our Outdoor Challenges for Cubs.

*Try putting up your tent with thick gloves on
Daily tasks can become extremely difficult in Antarctica with the extra clothes you have to wear to protect against the cold. Have a go and see how hard you find it. This challenge counts towards the Our Outdoor Challenges for Cubs & the Teamwork Challenge for Scouts.

*Understand how to survive in Antarctica, be safe in camp and look after your kit
We first learnt our camp craft skills in the Scouts, do you think we will need to do anything different or extra to survive in Antarctica? This challenge counts towards the Our Outdoor Challenges for Cubs.

Attend a talk by the HSX Antarctica team; this could be as part of one of your troop evenings, at a county event or at a county camp
Part of our expedition aims are to bring our story and journey to as many Scouts as possible. One way we are achieving this is through our talks, either at Scout Troop evenings, Schools or County Events. Check our social media to see what events we are attending or send us a message for a talk

*Organise your own Antarctica themed troop evening
How much do you know about Antarctica? Combine all of your knowledge and see if you can come up with a themed troop evening. Send us pictures @hsxantarctica using #HSX2018 so we can support you. This challenges counts towards the International section of both the Platinum and Gold Queen Scout Awards.

*Cook and eat a dehydrated meal
How does it taste? Do you think you could spend three months eating them? Send us your thoughts @hsxantarctica using #HSX2018. This challenge counts towards the Our Outdoor Challenges for Cubs & the Teamwork Challenge for Scouts.

Take part in a fundraising activity for the HSX Antarctica team
By nature, Antarctic exploration is expensive and the HSX team thank all of their sponsors and fundraisers for their continued support. If you’re thinking of doing a fundraising for the team, make sure you get in touch so we can spread the word on social media. We also have a great fundraising help book on our website.

Camp outside for at least two nights or attend a county camp.
How would you feel about sleeping in a tent for three months? No… Well maybe two nights then. Camping and camp craft are vital skills for any budding explorer.

Compulsory Challenge

Share a photo of your troop taking part in any of your challenges with the team. Tweet or Facebook @hsxantarctica using #HSX2018



Badges are available from and cost £1 plus delivery.

*Please be aware there may be a delay once ordered, for badges to be produced.

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