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Hampshire County Scout Badge

Our county badge consists of a red Tudor double rose, a crown in gold on a black background. It was introduced about 1931 to replace rather dull previous badge.

The badge was taken from the badge of the Hampshire Lawn Tennis Association, and to explain why the Tudor rose was used we need to look at the large Round Table, in the Great Hall at Winchester, reputed to have been King Arthurs with him shown painted in the centre.

This was redecorated in 1533, and as a compliment to the reigning King (Henry VIII) King Arthur was repainted in Tudor robes!

Hampshire already had a rose for a badge, a single rose, unlike the double Tudor one. The painters however “modernising” the table altered the old rose to the (then) modern double Tudor rose. Taking their cue from the newly painted table, County Heralds thus drew the badge and perpetuated the mistake.

The rose shown on the County Council Badge is neither a double Tudor rose (as on the Scout Badge) nor a single white rose of Lancaster. It is a cross between the two. No one seems to know exactly what authority there is for this.

The badge is very ancient however, and a sign of Hampshire’s long history.

An update of article by W.A. Bagley. 18th December 1937 ‘The Scout’ –Researched by Hampshire Scout Heritage Team.

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