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Hampshire Scouts Gold Media Awards 2014

media gold stars 2014 flyer     Media Gold Stars 2014

Hampshire Scouts Media review 2014 GOLD stars awarded to;

  • Portsmouth District and their Media Development Manager Joe Hunter for continuous on brand media through-out 2014.
  • Romsey District for their Ambassador article and good PR through the year.
  • 1st Winchester Scout Group for most mentions (12 at the last count) as they built up to their re-furbished Scout HQ.
  • James (Captain Ketch) Ketchell and Ash Wilson for promotion of Scouting across all Media including great TV and National Newspaper coverage – James on returning triumphantly to the UK after his round the world cycle and James and Ash for the launch of their Indian Ocean row.
  • Eastleigh News’ Stephen Slominski for a wonderful video about Hampshire Scouting featuring Bear Grylls and James Ketchell while at the linked in Camp.
  • Vanessa Slawson ‘voice of Hampshire Scouting’ for excellent radio interviews, one conducted from the ladies loo in the Lake District. “best sound and signal”, apparently.
  • H0014 County camp Media team for engaging with the campers and production of the daily newspaper.

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