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Funding for new Sections

Are you thinking of opening a new section or group?

The good news is that you can claim £100 from the Development Grants Board to help you Start up.

You’ve done the hard work, made vital connections, asked people to volunteer, and you’re about to launch a new group or section.  As part of headquarter on going commitment to growing the movement, the start up grants are a vital means of financial support to help a fledgling section get going.

A £100.00 grant can be made available for all newj youth sections opening so long as they can meet a few simple crtieria.  Also provided is additional support with what is known as the ‘Start Up supplement Grant’ to help with the first years fees for the new sections.

The grants are managed by a body known as the @Development Grants Board’ (DGB) who have a range of grant funds to support local Scouting.

Need to know more, call 0845 300 1818 or visit the web page


There is also a match funding opportunity for you to claim an additional £100 from the County Development Board.  We are also looking to support groups and new sections where the Development Officer has played a part in the start up or supported you through the process.  This money can be claimed by sending us a copy of the DBG grant application form.  The same criteria will apply for the Hampshire Support grant as those for the DGB.  All new youth sections are eligible.

Need to know more, contact

Vanessa Slawson

County Development Officer

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