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Executive Committee Resources

This article presents a comprehensive range of resources for Exec committees.

On every Scout Executive Committee the GSL or DC, the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, plus the nominated and the elected members are the Trustees of the Group or District.  It may be a registered charity or not, but these voting members are always charity trustees.  If leaders have agreed, at the AGM, to be on the Exec then they too are trustees.

There are some restrictions about being on a management committee; it is rare, but possible, to have been barred from being a trustee.  Therefore all exec committee members must sign a declaration that they are not barred, will undertake the role as best they can and they would declare conflicts of interest if they arise.  There are responsibilities; training is recommended and support is available locally and from Scout HQ at Gilwell.

Model declaration  (for signing by committee)                  Copy of declaration for Individuals

A great new little leaflet to invite trustees, order from Scoutshops  (free)  Should districts get a supply?

It's a good idea to sound out possible new committee members in the months before the AGM; best not to take nominations "from the floor".  "Purpose of the Exec" insert for the above Trustee leaflet.

Section Leader "Opt in" form if a Section leader wishes to be on the Exec but can't attend the AGM.

General leaflet about being on an Exec Committee (4 pages)

A suite of very readable handbooks " A Guide for...."   can be downloaded free or printed copies sent for about £1 each. the Group Chairman     the Secretary,    the Treasurer,   Supporters,    Young People on Execs 

Facts Sheets from Scout HQ at Gilwell Park:
The Group Executive Committee

Model role descriptions (that you should adapt for local use) :
The Chairperson           The Secretary         The Treasurer         Member 

10 minute YouTube Training presentation about Scout Executive Trusteeship or right click this and use 'save target as....' to save the video to your computer.

A comprehensive table of  Trustee Responsibilities      Trustee Checklist for when you are past the basics

Model Exec Minutes format: this specifically identifies the trustees as different from advisers.

Policy Organisation and Rules (POR) of the Scout Association (often this is the constitution too)
Section on Trusteeship    ALL sections of POR

All Executive members are asked to undertake the Scout Association Module 1 E training for Executive Committee members.  This can be undertaken at the County Training sessions, by arrangement in the district or online Module 1 E training.  The benefit of attending a training session is that it provides a great opportunity for meeting other Exec members and to share experiences.  A discussion with a training adviser is necessary to "validate" the training. 

Additionally there is Safety Training - this is not a Requirement for those who are only exec members - but it is available as online training.   Online safety training 35mins 

Safety Checklist (pdf)

Scout HQ video links

Paths (1 1/2  mins)

Think you know Scouting? Scope and invitation to volunteer (4 mins)

Module 1 - Structure (2 1/2 mins)

Fundamentals (5 mins)

Scouts website Media Page for all videos



Consideration of Risk for Executive Committees answers the question "What could stop us achieving our purpose".  Risk management for activities with young people is different.
Handout on Risk
Hampshire Scouts Risk Register

The Charity Commission regulates charities and provides information and support.
Find your Group / District on the commission site (click image) and when loaded enter the name of the group or its Charity registration number in the white box shown. Note: only 60% of Scout Groups are "Registered Charities" the others are "Excepted Charities" Registered Charities can be found on the Charity Commission website
 This will show you the charity trustees and contact: it should be kept up to date.

Required reading:  Charity Commission Guide to being a Trustee CC3 "What you need to know"

How do charities know that they are running well?  See CC10  Hallmarks of an Effective Charity
Paper-saving single page format

Model Trustees Annual Report (pdf)       Model Statement of Accounts - Receipts and Payments (single account)
Great and well written books on running a charity
General: Charity Trustees Handbook  £14.95 from DSC         for the Treasurer  £16.95 from DSC
Help with running a charity,  in training and fundraising is available from from your local support charity.  it might be called "Community Action ........" or "Voluntary Action......"  or "..... Community Services"   or  "....... Community First"   and would often the Volunteer Centre would be part of it.  Click to find your local one