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About Exec Committee Training

More detail about Executive Committee training requirements

General training in Scouts is such that Scout Leaders have been required to undertake a Modular training scheme for many years. As you might expect Module 1 is the first basic one and that, with developing a Training Plan (Module 2), and Module 3 (Basic Tools of the Role) are the “Getting Started” training modules.

For Members of the Executive Committee

Now, from the first AGM in 2016, the Scout Association is requiring Executive Committee members to do Module 1-E. This is a special committee members version of the Mod 1. The Scout Association is accepting that if a person has already completed Mod 1 then they do not need to do Mod 1-E.

However the Association strongly recommends that the additional aspects relating to Trusteeship and committee work are undertaken; this can be done in a number of ways - the Hampshire Scouts training being one way. It is really important that committee members are aware of their responsibilities (and liabilities) as Trustees of the charity. The training put this in context of the purpose of Scouting.

 It should always be remembered that completion of training in Scouts is based on understanding and competency rather than just attending a course; prior knowledge is accepted.  All training must be "validated" by a Training Adviser or Local Training Manager.

The training is available through online courses or by attendance at one of the sessions.

Specialist Training for Chairs and Treasurers

We have found that it is best not to try to include the Mod 1-E with the specialist Treasurer’s or Chair’s Courses – However an option would be to do the online version of Mod 1-E then come to the specialist Saturday morning session. In Hampshire we have been offering training for Executive Committee Members for 5 years, nearly 500 people have attended. Click here for the 2017 series starting in February;attend one of the 5 sessions on a Saturday morning. There's 3 general ones and a specialist one for Chairs and another for Treasurers.

The two versions of the Module 1 courses are as below.

01E: Essential Information for Executive Committee Members

Essential Information for Executive Committee Members is a mandatory module that covers the Fundamentals of Scouting, but also provides more specific information on the responsibilities of Executive Committee Members, enabling them to carry out their role effectively. This module covers:
  • The Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Executive Committees and trusteeship in Scouting
  • Safety in Scouting
  • Safeguarding - child protection
The online course can be accessed by this link

01: Essential Information (the usual one for Scout leaders)

Essential Information is a mandatory module for nearly all adults in Scouting. It provides the basic information required for individuals getting started in adult roles in Scouting. Essential Information contains introductory information on the Fundamentals of Scouting, the structure of The Scout Association, safety and safeguarding. All of which are vital to ensure that all young people can enjoy safe Scouting.
  • Topics covered:
  • the Fundamentals of Scouting
  • structure and Support
  • safety in Scouting
  • safeguarding- child protection
  • safeguarding- anti-bullying
The online course can be accessed by this link

Training at your Executive Committee Meeting

It may be possible for someone to attend a meeting of your group executive to present Module 1-E

Validation of Training

In Scouts, all training has to be "validated".   This means that the learner has to demonstrate understanding and application of knowledge during a meeting with a Training Adviser.  It is likely that validation of Exec Training Module 1 will be when a Local Training Manager visits your Executive Committee Meeting.

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