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A Million Hands update

A Million Hands, our Community Impact project. With exciting and thought-provoking activities on offer from our charity partners A Million Hands got off to a flying start. There are already over 5,700 young people across Hampshire signed up to the project ready to take action on one of four topics; disability, dementia, mental health and wellbeing or water sanitation. If you haven’t already signed up your section, visit to get started


some projects reported so far…

2nd Fareham

Fareham East

AMH Water

Our Beaver Scout Colony has been finding out about the importance of easy access to clean water and raising money for Water Aid.

During our project we have made posters and collection boxes, held water relay races, built water filters, kept a water diary, found out how hard it is if you have to travel to collect water and how not having clean water is dangerous as you can catch lots of illnesses and even die.

Our Beaver Scouts decided that they wanted to help so, over six weeks did odd jobs for family and friends for a small donation and we have raised £90.49

The Beaver Scouts are very pleased and using the Charities gift page and have worked out they have raised enough for a water pump, a toolkit and training for someone to look after the pump or 2 pumps and a toolkit. We have contacted Water Aid and are waiting to hear the best way to make the donation.

attached are couple of photos and a web link.

Hilary Nash (Barn Owl) 2nd Fareham Beaver Scouts

AMH Fareham East 2nd 1 AMH Fareham East 2nd 2 AMH Fareham East 2nd 3


100th Elvetham Heath


AMH Dementia

To understand more about the topic issue of dementia so that they can understand what sufferers in their community may be experiencing Beaver Scouts have been learning about the issue of dementia as a part of their A Million Hands project.

The colony have been to visit the local care home and took part in some carol singing for people who are suffering with dementia and have had a visit from a ‘Dementia Friend’ to speak to the beavers about their topic issue.

There were 3 sessions in total for each colony.  We had a talk from Viv Gale of the Dementia Friends charity, we took part in activites and games with Viv, to help us better understand this condition, we learned some songs and the beavers brought in interesting buttons and pieces of fabric to create a tactile memory aid.

We also visited a local care home where the Beavers sang songs and presented the memory aid to the residents, some of whom live with dementia.

Next term the group will be re-visiting their local care home to take part in some cleaning, and will be briefly speaking to some of the residents.

Michelle Coe


AMH Odiham 100th D (4) AMH Odiham 100th D (1)


1st Fair Oak, 8th Eastleigh


AMH Water

A Million Hands project with the topic of access to water and sanitation.

The group selected their issue by voting. Water and Sanitation received the most votes and for the past few months have taking part in a fundraising event by collecting Tesco bags and selling them to raise money for the Scout group and Water Aid.

The Group have been learning more about the work Water Aid do and why.

Kaye Bateman



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