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10 Points about Appointments

Attendees at the County Conference were given a copy of “10 Points about Appointments”.  Download the sheet here.  It is definitely for sharing with the DC, District Appointments Secretary, District Chair and Exec, the ACC(District Support) and the LTM.  The full article gives links to Hampshire and HQ resources.

The information on the HQ online Membership System indicates that in Hampshire we have too many appointments progressing too slowly from initial input, to Provisional, to Wood Badge awarded and too many 5 Year Reviews waiting.  Many Exec Members and many Appointments Advisory Committee members do not have their appointments recognised.  It is important to clean-up our membership data before moving it into the new, better ‘Compass’ membership system next July.


One page summary of the Appointments Process

Role comparison table

Model Trustee Declaration for District and Group Executive Committees (a help to get Exec members registered in MMS).   Model Trustee Declaration – members take home version.

Module Matrix – for section leaders with links (on the title boxes) to the online resources (module 1 to 19) + Safeguarding and Safety.

Revised Fundamentals and Alternative Promise

Personal Learning Plan – with 2nd half 2013 training couse dates

Usual Tasks for the Appointments Secretary 

DCs, AAC(DS) & LTMs should contact County Secretary  for copy of Appointments Summary Statistics

HQ Appointments Guides

Just Four Simple Steps  –  the Guide to Appointments Process

Supporting the Journey – for GSLs and District line managers

Making Sure the System Works – for Commissioners

Ticking all the Boxes – for Appointments Secretaries

Right People Right Roles — for Appointment Advisory Committees

POR Appointments Section

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