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Q1 : When is the Jamboree? A1 : The actual Jamboree is 22nd July 2019 to 2nd August 2019. However, there will be days before and after for the pre and post Jamboree phases and Home Hospitality. We currently have no information on these additional days, and therefore, can not confirm the dates beyond the actual Jamboree dates. Overall, we are normally away for 3 weeks.

Q2 : How much is the Jamboree? A2 : Currently, no information has been released from HQ on pricing. Therefore, we have no idea on this, and any price would be a complete guess.

Q3 : When are you opening applications for young people? A3 : We currently have leader applications in progress, we are expecting to be working on young people around May / June 17. However, on the WSJ 2019 Interest Form, young people can register an interest, and we will automatically contact them when we open to young people applications.

Q4 : How do I get a leader application form? A4 : You will need to register on the WSJ 2019 Interest Form, and indicate that you want to apply as a leader. We will then E-mail you a form.

Q5 : If I complete an application form, will I automatically be invited to the selection weekend? A5 : We will be going through all of the application forms, and then inviting leaders to the selection weekend based on the form. Therefore, not everybody will be invited to the selection weekend.

Q6 : I want to apply as a leader, but I can not make the leader selection weekend on 5th – 7th May 17. Can I still apply? A6 : It is still worth registering, and completing an application form, however, we will initially be considering those that attend the selection weekend. If we do not find the leaders with the required qualities that we are looking for at the selection weekend, we will then consider an alternative process for those that could not attend.

Q7 : How many leaders are you looking for ? A7 : To be honest, we currently don’t know. HQ are waiting to hear from the USA as to how many places are allocated to the UK. HQ will then allocate spaces to each County. We are hoping to know by the selection weekend, however, we may not know until June.

Q8 : When we will find out if we have been selected as a leader? A8 : At the very earliest, it will be a week or two after the selection weekend. If we are still waiting to find out our allocation from HQ, we may need to wait until June to confirm.

Q9 : When can we apply as IST (International Service Team)? A9 : We currently have no idea when IST applications will open, however, as soon as we hear, we will notify everybody that has registered an interest in IST.

Q10: Is there an age restriction for leaders? A10 : All leaders must be a minimum of 18 on 22nd July 2019. There is not an upper age restriction, it is all about ability to fulfil the leader role.

Q11: Is there an alternative leader selection process, as I can not make the leader selection weekend on 5th-7th May? We are only having the one selection weekend. However, leaders will only be selected if they are deemed to be suitable to the role. We will not be blanket filling the leader spaces. If we do not fill the leader spaces at the selection weekend, we will then turn to those that have applied, but could not make the weekend, and work out an alternative selection process. Therefore, if you can not make the selection weekend, it is still worth registering and filling in an application form (please just note on the form that you can not make the selection weekend).

Q12: I have heard about Project 19 – what is it? Project 19 is the codename for Hampshire County Scouts alternative International Expedition to the Jamboree in the summer of 2019. We will be looking for leaders for Project 19, which has similar, but different requirements to the leaders for the WSJ. Leaders that are not successful for the WSJ may be considered to help with Project 19. Currently, the location, duration and activities for Project 19 are under discussion with the Youth Council. More news to follow.

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