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Target Sprint 2017
27th February 2017, 9:02pm

2017 Target Sprint

When? Saturday 6th MAY 2017.

What? This event is included as a qualifying event for the British Series Finals to be held in Wales on 10th September 2017.

Please register your interest by emailing us: Then download the entry pack from and send it in before the closing date of 31st March 2017.

How the competition works:

Each Participant will be given a start time. They will compete against all participants in their age category. There will be 6 participants competing at any one time.

Each participant will from the start run approx 400m, followed by shooting 5 knockdown targets 35mm in diameter with Air Arms Pre-charged Rifles (MPRS400/S200) at a distance of approx 7.5m-8m. They will then run the 400m again, followed by the 5 targets. Then run another 400m to finish. On each attempt at the 5 targets each participant will be given a maximum of 20 shots. A time penalty will be applied for each remaining target not knocked down.

This is a fun event and the feedback from participants last year was positive. We aim to have a similar Tin Can pistol shooting range (just for fun) available while you are waiting along with refreshments.

So ask yourself 3 questions.

  1. Can I Run?
  2. Can I Shoot?
  3. Can I Run and Shoot?

If you can answer Yes to any of these then why not try the event and see how you get on.

The competition is open to to all. Scouting members will be in one class, non scouting members in another class. (For British finals Qualification there is no split between Scouting and non scouting members)

More information: or email

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