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One Stop Shop – Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme

Here is a One Stop Shop for the Adventurous Activity Permit scheme, everything you need to know in one place! 


How about making this year the year to develop leadership skills in an Adventurous Activity and then take out a permit to lead young people?

It may seem pretty daunting but there are plenty of opportunities to first develop an interest in an activity and then to go on courses to obtain coaching and leadership skills.

In Hampshire we are lucky to have several activity clubs and training teams that both offer young people and adults the opportunity to gain experience in an activity and then support and develop them in leadership and coaching.

Further details of Hampshire’s activity clubs are available by clicking here.
More details on the leadership courses for this year are available by clicking here.

The Adventurous Activity Permit scheme..heard of it?

There are many myths about the scheme but in general the scheme is very straight forward and obtaining a permit is relatively quick. The scheme was implemented in September 2007 to replace the old charge certificates e.g. Form W, Form C Form M etc. These forms expired on 31 August 2012 and holders need to apply for an Adventurous Activity Permit if they wish to continue leading the activity.

The scheme involves filling out an application, getting assessed by an approved County Assessor and your DC then granting the permit. Job done!

If you hold a National Governing Body qualification in that activity, the process could be stream-lined further. It is not a pre-requisite to hold a NGB qualification for any activity permit.


AAPS Application Form

Activity Permit Scheme

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