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Hampshire Scout Expeditions (HSX)

HSX, Hampshire Scout Expeditions, is a Hampshire-based Scout group that specialises in running international expeditions for Hampshire Scouts. In order to provide this service the group runs regular outdoor-based training weekends for its members, so that they may gain the necessary skills to lead such expeditions.

HSX was founded in ’86, following the success of Clearwater ’85, a National Scout Expedition to Sri Lanka. 21 years on, HSX has been extremely successful and has provided young people in Hampshire Scouting with the opportunity to take part in over 20 expeditions across the world.


The expeditions, usually based in developing countries, last from four to six weeks and involve a team of young people aged 14 years and upwards taking part in community projects and an adventurous challenge. There are at least 12 months training prior to each trip focusing on teamwork, personal development and leadership to ensure that members gain as much as possible from the experience. The hope is that as well as being a life changing experience for those involved, such contacts will bring greater understanding, and therefore tolerance, of the multi-cultural society in which we live today.


As well as running expeditions, HSX hold regular training weekends in Hampshire to develop and enhance young people’s leadership and technical skills in the outdoor environment. In order to put the skills learnt into practice the group regularly visits the more mountainous areas of the UK. This includes annual trips to the Lake District, North Wales and Scotland. This training enables the members of HSX to develop without the need to take part in an international expedition. There are opportunities within the training to work towards and gain relevant outdoor qualifications.


The membership of HSX consists of Explorers, Network and Active Support members mainly from Hampshire Scouts. Members are encouraged to remain active within their current Scouting role to ensure they continue with their Scout training programme.

Check out the HSX website.

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