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GDPR – The new Data Protection Regulations

GDPR - The Updated Data Protection Regulations

You've heard a lot about GDPR? .... don't panic!!

Executive committees don't need to panic, but they do need to ensure that their Data Protection (DP) policy and procedure is compliant.  Here are some key points;
  • If you, in Scouting, were complying with the 1998 Data Protection Act, then little will change for you.
  • The heart of the new regulation is to observe "Privacy by design"
  • The information about any person is not yours, it is their's
  • You may hold and use the information if you have a legal reason for doing so
  • Transparency about what you do with the personal information is really important to demonstrate.
Support for Groups and Districts
Various resources are available.  You have found this and links and guidance is provided below.

The Checklist for Scout Groups and Districts is a good starting point, this will enable you to see what you need to do.

You may already have undertaken the audit of where personal data is kept - this is a critically important step. Your group / district must prepare a DP Policy . It is helpful if there is a shorter version of this too that is easily provided to people when giving their information; this is a Privacy Notice or Statement.

Everyone who has access to personal information must understand the policy and must agree to maintain personal information, written or not, confidential.  A Confidentiality Agreement is recommended.    


 This information sheet is very general and written as a general introduction for charities and community groups as a whole. 

Checklist for Scout Groups and Districts

Model DP policy Word document for editing into your own

Hampshire Scouts DP - GDPR video  - to follow

Training Slides - (pdf)

HQ resources


HQ General online training

HQ GDPR Toolkit - including the BlackPenny Audit Framework


Have a Question? ... Please use the form below to ask about any concerns.

Data Protection Statement:
The information you give in this form will be used only by Hampshire Scouts for the purpose of explaining Data Protection - GDPR.  It will not be used for other reasons.  It will not be passed to other organisations.