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Submit an article to, by 10am on Monday morning for inclusion in the weekly eNews. Thank you


The item should have a title headline that will identify the intended audience and content. The content is restricted to 65 words /400 characters including spaces but detail should be included in a link to either a web page, post or a document.  Documents can be emailed to County Office to be made available on the website.

The membership number is requested as a simple verifier of the sender’s ID.

County Office will consolidate, edit and issue by email around 2pm on a Monday. The distribution list will be DCs, DDCs, District Chairs, DESCs, County Team, County Vice-Presidents, County and District Communications Managers, and other interested parties by invitation or request. subscribe. Please know that County are using a free emailing service with limited number of eMail addresses.

We ask that Districts forward eNews (please remove the unsubscribe link/message otherwise the originator would be unsubscribed if someone used the unsubscribe link) to ALL adults in the District. Districts may like to add their own news/dates to the top first.




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