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Crazy Camping in an old quarry
12th July 2017, 2:02pm

3rd Bramshill Scouts travelled to Devon to camp in a old quarry and much more….the story told by the Scouts….

“Over the May half term we went camping with the 3rd Bramshill Scouts. The first day consisted mostly of travel and unpacking!

On the 2nd day of camp we had to build a shelter against the cliff face and to make a floor to lay on. The shelter framework was then covered with a bivvy tarp and tied down using cord and tent pegs. Each night Scouts took it turns to sleep in the shelter.  [for one Scout…] the night passed quite slowly as my bed was little uncomfortable!!! I woke up on my 12th birthday with back ache! It was though, a great experience and pretty fun to look back on and I feel a sense of achievement that I managed to make my own shelter with my group.

On the 3rd day we went power boating and climbing. We learnt how to drive the powerboat and was then taken further down the coast for a fast exhilarating ride. Climbing was fun as well apart from the vice like shoes you have to wear.

On the 4th day we went for a long hike which only me, Sam and Rowan really did any map work.

[Individual thoughts from the Scouts….] If I could only say one word to sum up the camp it would be amazing. My favourite thing would probably be paddle boarding. It was so cool and sometimes a little weird having a to get water from a field with scary goats in [soay sheep to be accurate]. I can’t believe I managed to survive the walking [the hike on Dartmoor] as my bag split and I am very proud of myself that I survived being the only girl. Scout camp was a series of great experiences, including power boat driving and actual rock climbing both of which I loved and not to mention the camp fire and the singing. The worst part of the camp was sleeping in the shelter! I had the CRAZIEST camp!!!!!!!”

3rd Bramshill Scouts

Thanks to the Scouts for the report and pictures to gain the Crazy Camping Badge and to their leaders for providing the Scouts with such an experince.



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