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Compass Update – May 2015

On 6th May the monthly Compass Champions web conference took place to provide an update on progress with the return of Compass delivering some interesting development. This along with the email that went to DC’s, Administrators and Appointment Secretaries yesterday on the availability of a limited number of reports is the first indication that real progress is being made.

Notes from Web Conference


Gilwell has cleared the back log of Woodbadges that they are aware of. These have been sent to the County Training Manager for verification and onward transmission to DC’s. In future any Woodbadges issued will then go to DC’s as per the normal process.

With Compass unavailable it is important that Woodbadge Recommendation Forms are sent to CTM for onward transmission to Gilwell and subsequent issue of the Woodbadge. Issue of Woodbadges will be on a monthly basis from now on.

Until Compass returns it will not be possible to update Modules online and local records need to be kept.

Return of Compass

Good progress is being made on the return of Compass with all the steps in the processes and the changes required now identified. Gilwell are using an Agile approach to move towards relaunch. His involves, as I understand it, implementing updates as they become available, testing them and validating rather than saving all the updates up and using a big bang approach which is fraught with difficulty.

Re launch will be phased, as I believe was originally planned, so that a few Counties will go live at a time. Similarly functionality will be returned in steps.

Alexis Cheshire’s updates, accessed via provides regular updates.

What is being worked on at the moment?

  • Completion of the Security Fixes should be ready for INTERNAL testing at the end of May.
  • Training Records are being worked on to correct the many data issues that were found to exist in the original data transfer.
  • Issues with Atlantic defaulting to the highest level in the hierarchy, for people with District and County roles, when advising on DBS expiries has been requested so that the District level, where people probably are most active can have access.
  • Improvements in the Disclosure Process.

Other things

  • Roll of Drums, please       A paper based form is being developed to enable ID Checking to be completed, without a computer, ready for input into Atlantic. No date on availability, yet.
  • In preparation for the return of Compass extra support is being put in place at Gilwell ready for relaunch.
  • Within weeks Gilwell will be engaging with County Champions regarding testing of the system prior to sign off and relaunch.
  • Caution – relaunch will not address all of the issues raised as queries or suggestions.
  • Census 2016 will be manual.
  • Priority is to get Compass back up and running.
  • The name Compass is being retained.

When re-launched Compass will attempt to replicate what was available in MSS providing:-

  • Adult Records
  • Appointment Process
  • Training Records
  • Permits

Some of the relevant Q&A from webinar.

Q: ­How are we supposed to convince leaders that Compass is now 100% secure, I have had lots of leaders complain and say that they are not willing to use the system anymore as they are not 100% sure it is secure?­­­‑

A: ­We will have external assurance from an industry leading company on the system security­‑

Q: ­Is the plan still to deliver youth functionality eventually?

A: ­Yes­‑

Q: ­We will have external assurance from an industry leading company on the system security – you had that before­­­‑

A: ­Different company engaged with greater rigour­

Q: ­How is the Team assuring itself that the original process flow flaws identified have been addressed? Will there be an opportunity for the Champions / Trainers to break the ‘New Processes’?

A: ­Some process flows will be improved but not all will be changed. Those champions/trainers who are able to help with testing will have the opportunity to try and break the processes­‑ ‑

Top Tip found by Rotherfield DC on facebook

Just as an aside – and some may know it, if you are having difficulty finding anyone on Atlantic to check if they have been booted from compass to process their dbs you can go to the search screen, leave all details blank but select dbs requested on the pull down list then press search. This will then list everyone who needs a dbs processed within your role level who you can action. I had not realised this so may be useful for keeping an eye on whose dbs had expired – i seem to remember gilwell are automatically booting those up on a periodic basis. Makes it a lot easier to find people

Compiled by Mike Hughes


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