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Compass youth data entry

Once, Compass is live in September, details of every youth member will need to be entered into the system by Groups.  Headquarters require these details to be entered by the end of December. 

There are three options for entering the youth data:

1.  Adding youth records for each young person in a Section manually.  This can be done by a GSL or Section Leader logging in to Compass  and using the Compass Add Youth Member function.

2. If the Section currently uses Online Scout Manager, exporting the details to an Excel file and then uploading this into Compass using a special secure web site.  The window for doing this is currently the second week in October.

3. Entering the data into the Excel template available in the resources section of the Hampshire Compass web page.  This can then be uploaded into Compass via the special secure website used by OSM users.  Again, the window for doing this is currently the second week in October.

In order that we can understand the plans of Groups to enter their youth data into Compass, please can the District fill in the spreadsheet below with details of the planned method of each Group and District Section.  We would like the completed spreadsheet back by 12th September 2014.  This should allow time to collect the information from Groups.

District Youth data plans spreadsheet

Spreadsheet instructions

In the spreadsheet Groups area, list the Groups.  For each Section in the Group, select the method they plan to use for entering youth data.

Repeat this in the spreadsheet District area for each Explorer Unit and Network Unit in the District.


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