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Compass Familiarisation Plans

The Familiarisation Delivery Team are working on the training system at present getting to know the in and outs of Compass . Planning the sessions for Appointment Secretaries is in full swing. As we are getting into the holiday season we are working around appointment secretaries availability to schedule sessions across the county. I encourage appointment secretaries that have yet to respond to indicate their availability as soon as possible. This will enable these sessions to be finalised and dates to be published.

Following on there will be presentation sessions to District Champions. So far only 11 districts have declared who their champion is, so once again I encourage Districts to provide a name and contact details of their chosen person who will show and support Compass within their District. The sessions are due to be scheduled in early half of September ready for the October launch.

To support all adults that will have access to Compass, there are a suite of over sixty User Guides and some videos being published. The guides take you step by step through the many actions that those with various roles will need to perform.

Compass has now been through the user acceptance testing and any required modifications are being made ready for final release in August.

I would like to thank those DC’s for the support they have given me in providing information and potential locations for familiarisation sessions.

Phill Pegg
Compass Training Champion
i.Train Hampshire

Hampshire Scouting

Mob: 07769 802497 Email:

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