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County Adult Training dates

2020 Adult Training Modules

With the restrictions currently on large gatherings due to covid-19 (coronavirus), we are reviewing our training courses on a month to month basis. Before you book any course please refer to the training calendar below which will be updated with cancellations and additional methods of providing training.
If you have already booked a course you will be contacted direct by email should the course be cancelled.

Applications for Adult Training modules must be received at least two weeks prior to the course date. Applications after this date may not be accepted.

There is no cost to Hampshire leaders for Adult Training courses (Modules), however, a cancellation charge will be levied to your District if you do not attend or do not advise the Course Director a minimum of two days before the course (five days for residential weekends).

Leaders from other Counties are welcome to attend any of our Adult Training courses however there is a cost of £10.00 for a one-day course and £40.00 for Residential weekend courses.

Module 38: Module 38 is a follow on from Module 16. 
Module 16 should ideally be completed prior to attending Module 38, for you to get the full benefit from the weekend.

Residential Weekends: All modules (sessions) listed must be completed over the residential weekend. If you only need to do individual modules these can be completed on a multi-module weekend.

Multi-Module weekends (non-residential): You can book any individual modules if you only need to do a few to complete your training. If you want to do as many as you can over both weekends then book on 'routes'. See the programme and guidance notes below

Manager and Supporter Training: These courses are run on a regional basis. Dates and online application form for Manager and Supporter training covering, Skills of Management, Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Growth can be found on the M&S page.

View 2020 Calendar spreadsheet Google spreadsheet

Multi-Module Programme:

If you want to do as many modules as you can over both weekends then book on routes A1+A2+A3+A4 or B1+B2+B3+B4.

You can download the programme below and guidance notes in PDF format.

The venue for both weekends is HCC, Falcon House, Monarch Way, Winchester, SO22 5PL.

Guidance notes

Modules 8 & 9
Modules 8 and 9 are blended so both parts must be booked at the same time, if not using routes.

Module 10 (First Aid)
First Aid will be blended learning ie; online e-learning prior to the day, followed by a face to face practical session on the day.
E-learning details will be sent to you with the confirmation of your booking.

Module 12A 
This a shortened version due to time constraints, if possible please complete the E-Learning  for this module before attending.
The E-Learning will also be available on the weekend.

Module 18
Practical Skills, will also require you to instruct one other course member in a practical skill. This should take around 30 minutes to instruct and you will need to bring any materials you need with you.
It can be any skill you want from crochet to car repair, it can be Scouting based but need not be. Try to think of a skill someone else will enjoy learning.

Module 19
Please bring along an international object that means something to you and be prepared to talk about it for minute with the rest of the group.
This could be anything; from a souvenir from a holiday abroad, to an item connected with family or friends living in another country, to a picture of a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

If you have already attended a residential weekend but which to do other modules over the multi-module days. Below is a guide that may help.

Application forms

Manager and Supporter course dates and on-line application form