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Adult Training Modules

The adult training scheme is made up of the following modules.
A number of Modules are available with a workbook or on-line via e-learning.
To download a workbook or access the on-line training follow the links below.
For those wishing to do a module with e-learning you will find a useful how-to-guide on YouTube.

Getting Started

To be completed within 5 months of appointment.

Module Module TitleLearning Method
02Personal Learning PlanTraining Adviser
01Essential InformationCourse or e-learning
01EExecutive Committee Members.
(Mandatory module for all
EC members)
Course or e-learning
GDPRGeneral Data Protection
03Tools for the Role
(Section Leaders)
Course or e-learning
04Tools for the Role
(Manager & Supporters )
Course or e-learning

Training for All Appointments

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
05The Fundamentals of
Course or e-learning
06Changes in ScoutingCourse or workbook
07Scouting for allCourse
10First AidCourse (see District modules)
11AdministrationCourse or workbook
12ADelivering a Quality
Course or e-learning

Section Leaders and Section Supporters

To be completed by all adults in Section Leader and Assistant Leader roles.

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
08Skills of LeadershipCourse
09Working with adultsCourse
12BProgramme PlanningCourse
13Growing the SectionCourse or workbook
14Supporting Young PeopleCourse or workbook
15 Promoting Positive
Course or workbook
16Introduction to Residential
17Running Safe ActivitiesCourse or workbook
18Practical SkillsCourse

Managers and Supporters

The Managers and Supporters Training is a part of the Wood Badge for Manager and Supporter roles. The learning for this training is divided
into two areas:
Independent Learning
Skills Courses :
Skills of Management (Weekend course)
Achieving Growth (1 day course)
Meeting the Challenges (1 day course)
Skills Courses (Dates and Booking)

Mandatory Ongoing Learning 

Any member holding an appointment which requires an appointment review.

SafeguardingScout Association's Safeguarding Awareness training.
[Online e-learning available]
Safety TrainingThe Scout Association's ongoing safety training.
[Online e-learning available]
First AidA valid First Aid certificate must be held
on appointment renewal.
For current courses (see District modules)

Training Advisers and Local Training Managers

Module 25
To provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to effectively
support, validate and assess adults in the Adult Training Scheme, the
Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme, Nights Away Permit Scheme and
the Scout Show National Recognition Scheme.
There is a workbook available for module 25 however it is recommended that you attend the course. You will gain more of an insight in to
assessing within the Scout Association from experienced trainers /

Supplementary Modules

ModuleModule TitleLearning Method
36Adjustments to ScoutsDay Course
38Skills for Residential
Weekend Course

Module 36: To provide information, support and resources for those working with young people with additional needs.
Module 38: This is an additional ‘skills’ module which expands on Module 16 (Introduction to Residential Experiences), which ideally should be completed prior to attending this weekend. During the weekend you will learn about, using and storing camping equipment, choosing a site, planning, paperwork, catering, as well as programme ideas, and gain the skills and knowledge to take your section away camping.This weekend is also very useful to those seeking to become Nights Away Adviser.

Additional Information

There is a diverse range of training methods
right at your fingertips.
Adult Training
This publication explains The Scout Association’s
approach to training; gives the details of the
training scheme and outlines
the management of training provision
within Counties.
Safety issues It is the responsibility of all those involved in
Scouting to ensure, so far as is reasonably
practical, that all activities are conducted
in a safe manner without risk to the health
of the participants.
ILMThe Scout Association’s Leadership and Management
Training has been recognised as a Development
Programme with the Institute of Leadership and
Management (ILM).
ILM recognition is the benchmark of high quality,
bespoke, in-house leadership and management