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Activity Updates 2015

Updates made to ‘Policy, Organisation and Rules’ (POR) this week will impact your Scout activities role and this summary is to highlight the amendments to note. Please follow the link at the bottom for full details of the changes which apply to your role.


The January 2015 POR publishes later this week including a number of changes to chapter 9, activity rules. Guidance documents have been amended to support these updates.


Please share this information with those who you know undertake Scout activities in these specialist areas.


Full details of all of the changes can be found at


Here is a brief summary of these amendments:


Adult Groups

POR has been updated to reinforce the delivery of activities for mixed over and under 18 groups. The adult groups factsheet has also been updated to reinforce this.  



Archery has been integrated into the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme and we have given an implementation period to allow for the processes of appointing assessors and assessing individuals for permits to be established. Hampshire County – There will be a transition period running to 31 December 2015 to allow for the appointment of County Assessors in Archery and to allow those leading archery activities to get assessed for a permit. For those holding formal archery instructor qualifications (i.e. GNAS/Archery GB) it is more than likely that the assessment process will be purely paper based and no practical assessment will be required (as with other adventurous activities). Further info on getting assessed for an Activity Permit in archery will be circulated in the near future. More information on the permits for Archery is available at the below link. 


Boats and waters

A number of updates have been made to the rules relating to the inspection and use of boats and equipment, and the classifications and use of waters. The inspection schemes have been removed and are now placing emphasis on the operator of the equipment ensuring it is fit for purpose at the point of use. The ability for a commissioner to designate waters for training purposes have been removed, but to allow members the time to complete the permit assessment and issuing process we have allowed an implementation period. Hampshire County – 

The inspection process will now be left to the operators/owners of the boats. Further guidance is available at the below link. With regards to registering boats, you no longer need to register your boats with the County Boat Registrar (County Office). It will now be down to Groups and Districts to issue or decide a unique identifier to mark craft. 



Following rule changes in Jan 2014 the revised permits for climbing are now available; this provides a structure for those operating on artificial walls. To support this all resources have been updated including new permits, assessor levels and assessment check lists. This does not affect existing climbing permits.


Nights Away

Rules and guidance have been updated to remove un-necessary barriers to nights away events whilst providing clarity and consistency. The key changes are the removal of restrictions for Beavers and Cubs taking part in nights away events, referencing to new processes such as recording on Compass, removal of the requirement to notify the host District Commissioner and reference to an appeals process.



Rule 9.37 has been updated to simplify the wording where possible, reference has also been made to the management of cross bow activities (with an implementation period given to allow time for revising local processes).


Staged and musical performances

The rules referring to staged and musical performances have been simplified to focus on one rule 9.22, bringing more consistency to the way in which performance is managed within Scouting. To support this two new toolkits are available. The assessment process and requirements have been updated, and will become compulsory for all public performance, to support this change an implementation period has been allowed to the 1 April 2016. See below link to POR Rule 9.22 and toolkits. – POR Rule 9.22 – Stage Performance Toolkit – Musical Performance Toolkit

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